Mission Trips

Many Needs, Many Options


Why Go to Haiti?

Haiti is a beautiful country full of hope, promise and joy.  Whether you are witnessing the Holy-Spirit filled church service, serving the many in need of medical attention or simply spending time loving on the beautiful children your heart will most definitely bubble over with blessings.

Since God’s first promise to Abram in Genesis 12 God has called us to reach the nations with His great name; not by demanding we do as he say but by loving us so much we can’t hold back our need to glorify his name to all tribes and nations.  The ways to reach all the nations for God’s glory are as numerous as the ways which He chooses to bless us. One of those is through leaving our homes, as Abram and Sarai did so many years ago, and following God to another land.

Many people believe they simply don’t have what it takes to be a missionary.  However, as the Bible has proven time and time again, God is not looking for people who are worthy He is looking for people who are willing.

Types of Missions Trips

Sometimes we read the words ‘Mission Trip’ and immediately disqualify ourselves because we don’t have a theology degree or aren’t comfortable going door to door preaching the gospel.  However we must never forget we serve a loving and creative God who has gifted each of us with unique and powerful passions, talents and interests.  When we use those very gifts to reach the hurting, helpless and forgotten that God’s name is glorified both here and in Heaven.  It is when we let a powerful and mighty God work through our willing and faithful hearts that hearts are reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ; the message of love.

You see, sometimes we see the Great Commission in Matthew 28 and shrink in fear of our inability, but we need to look at that commission through new eyes. If you rewind a bit in the gospel of Matthew you will see that before Jesus gave us the Great Commission He gave us the Great Commandments.  He is looking for individuals who love Him with all their heart, soul and strength and when they do that He will empower them to go out into all the world.

Our goal is to connect mission teams with areas of need that their skills can address on a schedule that works well for everyone involved. Should you have an interest in this type of specialized work, contact us so we can arrange a trip schedule that will work well for you.

For more information or to schedule a trip, contact our missions coordinator,  [email protected]