Church and School Sponsorship


GVCM Church and School Sponsorship Program Purpose

GVCM’s focus is on the rural areas of Haiti where the people have few choices and minimal access to health, education, and good Bible teaching. Although they have limited resources and most are bi-vocational, poor pastors are leading the charge for Christ in Haiti. Of the many churches and connected schools that GVCM partners with in some way, we are not able to offer monthly financial support to at least half.

A large percentage of ministry partner dollars end up supporting the churches and schools, so that is an excellent way for an individual or small group to support the local church in Haiti while simultaneously supporting our clinic, orphanage, and other worthy projects. However, if you prefer to feel more a direct connection with a particular Haitian church, then this program is the one for you.

Program Overview

You choose an individual Haitian church (you can see in the description whether it has a school) and commit to give the number of $40 a month shares that is right for you.

That money is then distributed to our Haitian churches and their associated schools, who use it to do community outreach and evangelism (such as providing some simple food after church), buy school supplies, maintain their facilities, as well as supplement the incomes of pastors, school teachers, and other church staff.

Most of these churches are currently receiving less than $100 a month, so a little extra money in the funding pool goes a long way.

You will receive periodic updates from GVCM about how your sponsored church is doing along with information about what God is doing in that community.

This differs from church partnership – which is targeted to churches willing to commit larger amounts of money and do joint ministry projects with the Haitian church, in addition to providing monthly support. A church can have multiple sponsors, but will only have one church partner.

Regardless of your support, these Haitian churches will continue to collect tithes and offerings, school fees, and most of the pastors will continue to be bi-vocational. These churches are already invested in their own success, but if you invest alongside them, they can accomplish much more.

To search a database of churches available for sponsorship, click here. You can sign up online today and join us as we spread the hope of Christ in rural Haiti.

“Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil.” Ecclesiastes 4:9