We are on a mission to bring the hope and light of Christ into the darkest places of Haiti.

We spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through training and supporting churches across the countryside of Haiti (Acts 20:28), live the great commandment by providing the communities with the basic needs of life (Matthew 22:36-40), and train up the next generation of Christ-followers as we educate and raise children in our schools and orphanage (Proverbs 22:6).

What makes us different?

  • The local church is the base for our ministry. The local church is the framework that all of our programs are built around because we believe that the Church, not the American non-profit, is the institution God ordained to transform the world. 
  • We are an overwhelmingly Haitian-run and led organization. 97% of our staff are Haitian. 
  • We believe in getting buy-in from the people we serve. Many people pay a little for our services. We give a hand out when we have to, but we would much rather give a hand up.
  • We focus on rural Haiti, away from the capital and coastal cities, working with the most vulnerable populations. 
  • We do a lot with a little by sharing what we have with as many people as we can.

What does ‘Global Vision Citadelle Ministries’ mean?

The name ‘Global Vision Citadelle Ministries’ decorates walls, signs, and wells across the Haitian countryside. The title is meant to communicate our purpose to anyone who passes by. 
Global Vision: The word ‘global’ translates to ‘total’ or ‘entire.’ We have a vision to impact not just one aspect of people’s lives, but the whole person.
Citadelle: The Citadelle is an iconic fortress in the mountains of northern Haiti. It stands as a symbol of hope and freedom to the Haitian people. We refer to that symbol as we point to the cross of Christ – the One that can bring true freedom to the Haitian people.
Ministries: Since 2001, we’ve existed to minister to the people of Haiti. 


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