Child Sponsorship

Child Vision


Change the World… One Child at a Time

We have over 100 orphans plus thousands of Haitian school children waiting in line to be sponsored.  Your monthly donation and ongoing prayer will be the very tools God uses to reach these children with the truth that they, like us all, are loved fiercely by our heavenly father.

What Is Child Sponsorship?

Through the child sponsorship program, you will know the joy of investing in the things that matter the most by making a lasting impact in the life of a child.

You may choose to support a child at our orphanage in Fedja, or you may choose to sponsor a child who attends our schools and churches throughout Haiti.  Your monthly donation helps to fund the many ways GVCM cares for these children God has placed in our lives.

You will be provided opportunities to develop a special relationship with your Haitian child. The child sponsorship program will keep you connected with your child through quarterly letters, updates and other special gifts from your child.  You may also send letters to your child and even visit them should a mission trip be of interest to you.

How to Sponsor a Child

To sponsor a child you may visit our database of children in need of sponsors by clicking here. Our online database will allow you to search for that very child God has picked out for you by selecting age range and/or the sex of the child.  Once you have narrowed that down you may review the provided information about each child.  Once you have selected the child you’d like to sponsor you can select ‘sponsor this child’ on their profile page.

If you’d like assistance on selecting your child, or have questions on sponsorship, feel free to email us at

Does It Really Matter?

One day a man was walking on a beach at low tide. All the way up and down the beach, for as far as he could see, there were starfish washed up on the shore, left to die by the receding water.

As he walked along the water’s edge, he saw a little boy bending down, picking up the starfish, and throwing them back into the ocean.

As the man approached the little boy, he said, “Why do you waste your time trying to save these starfish? Don’t you see that what you are doing doesn’t matter, since there are too many for you to save them all?

With that, the little boy bent down, picked up a starfish and hurled it back into the ocean. He looked up at the man and said “It mattered to that one.

Author Unknown. Possibly adapted from “The Star Thrower” by Loren Eiseley

The Need


We desperately need your help providing for the children of our orphanage in Fedja.

Help us support the deaf children at our school in Fedja.


Help us teach the Haitian children at our schools throughout the country.


GVCM is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.